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Issue 65: Tickets, Commercial Rights and phygital sneakers

Issue 65: Tickets, Commercial Rights and phygital sneakers

Here's your weekly review on what happened at the intersection of NFTs and Sports:

  • ⚾ MLB & Candy Digital offer commemorative NFT tickets
  • 🥋 Karate Combat grants commercial rights to NFT holders
  • 👟 Endstate combines sneakers with NFTs

Let's have a closer look! 👀

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⚾ MLB & Candy Digital offer commemorative NFT tickets

"Fans attending MLB postseason contests can receive commemorative NFT tickets that will update with pertinent game photos within 24 hours of the event. The NFTs or digital ticket stubs, produced by the league’s digital collectible partner Candy Digital, will also feature game details such as matchups, the venue and the starting time — a first for MLB. In addition, fans who also bought MLB ICON Leadoff Series NFTs in April have the opportunity on October 21st to find eight randomly placed World Series digital tokens. Each of those World Series Token NFTs can be traded in for two tickets to this season’s actual World Series."

🥋 Karate Combat grants commercial rights to NFT holders

"Karate Combat, the world’s premier full-contact striking league, announced it will become the first professional sports league to embrace new, permissive Web3 IP licensing models, granting its community NFT and videogame commercialization rights. To rapidly attract the absolute best partners and entrepreneurs globally, the league is offering its IP in certain categories in return for an extremely attractive, low, fixed revenue share to the league’s athletes and community. For an initial term of 3 years, Karate Combat licensees will be granted the right to commercialize league IP in the categories of NFTs and video games. Pending community feedback, the league intends to permanently extend and expand the program across most categories."

👟 Endstate combines sneakers with NFTs

"Endstate is a digital creator whose products exist in parallel on feet and in the metaverse through shoes and NFTs. Each pair of kicks is equipped with a QR code for augmented reality activations and an NFC chip in the tongue that tethers it to the NFT and can unlock real-life experiences. Ticket-takers will quite literally scan your sneakers to enable access to members-only events. Endstate’s first brand ambassador is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith, the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner at Alabama. Ownership of his signature shoe — which recently sold out — can unlock perks for the NFT holder. If Smith amasses 1,000 receiving yards, owners receive limited edition football cards. If we were to be named NFL MVP, the prize is a luxury watch. And for every touchdown catch, fans get a cheesesteak."

🤓 Wrapping it up

So what have we learned in this week's issue?

  • More from the same, but well designed. When we look at the news from the MLB and Endstate we see concepts that have been tried before. However, it feels like both projects are driven in a serious and thought-through way. The MLB and Candy Digital are slowly introducing their fans to NFTs and blockchain based tickets (same as the NFL and the NBA) and Endstate's phygital sneaker approach with build-in utility seems to be mature from a tech and partnership angle. Are we on our way up in the "slope of enlightment" phase of the Gardner's hype cycle?
  • Are commercial right for your community a good thing? For starters: Karate Combat's approach of giving their audience select rights in certain categories of their IP is a courageous move. But inevitably we ask ourselves what the risk-potential-ratio looks like. Smaller leagues and associations who are less in the spotlight might have lower risks and a higher potential reward waiting for them, but what would the ratio be for bigger ones? We'd love to see more of those experiments to find out!

And that's it for this weeks issue! And as always: Feel free to reach out for feedback and to discuss all things NFT and sports! To stay up to date: Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for stats, drop announcements.