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Issue 43: Premier League's big decision, NASCAR strikes back

Issue 43: Premier League's big decision, NASCAR strikes back

Here's your weekly review on what happened at the intersection of NFTs and Sports:

  • ⚽ Premier League shortlisted four NFT companies
  • 🏎️ NASCAR partners with WAX blockchain for race day NFTs

Let's have a closer look! 👀

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⚽ Premier League shortlisted four NFT companies

"The Premier League has shortlisted four blockchain firms for its official non-fungible token (NFT) licence, according to the Daily Mail. The report says that English soccer’s top flight is mulling over bids offering returns of between UK£220 million (US$298 million) and UK£434 million (US$589 million) over four years. The final shortlist is reportedly made up of Sorare, Candy Digital, Dapper Labs and ConsenSys. The winning bidder for the Premier League’s digital collectibles, which will be presented to clubs before the end of February, will reportedly gain an official licence to produce a range of blockchain-based products – including NFTs based on Panini stickers."

🏎️ NASCAR partners with WAX blockchain for race day NFTs

"NASCAR has partnered with the WAX blockchain to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) collection to celebrate the upcoming Daytona 500 race. The launch comes shortly after Candy Digital announced a partnership with the Race Team Alliance, an association of 12 NASCAR teams, to launch a collection based on Daytona’s race. However, the NASCAR NFTs are free and only available to ticket holders. The NFT drop was very scarce. NASCAR emailed 25,000 Daytona ticket holders with instructions to download a digital wallet for WAX to enter the contest for a digital asset. In total, only 500 NFTs were available and the winners were put into a draw for the opportunity to win one of five autographed NASCAR drivers’ helmets."

Source: NASCAR

🤓 Wrapping it up

So what have we learned in this week's issue?

  • The Premier League is in a good position. Being the most prominent soccer league on this planet comes with lots of advantages in the NFT world as well. While all other major leagues basically having chosen their NFT partners already, the Premier League took a while to compare offers and, now that the potential partners are also equipped with lots of VC funding, can pick a package that should deliver a substantial amount of money to the league. Whoever wins the race will have secured themselves a prime piece of the sports NFT cake. We probably can already take about the outcome in next week's issue, as the league plans to decide within the month of February.
  • Bottom up pressure: Only a few days after an association of 12 NASCAR Race Teams had published their first NFT announcement (without NASCAR being involved), the racing series came up with some NFT news. It looks a bit like NASCAR wanted to bring itself back into the literal driving seat :) Choosing WAX as a partner came a bit as a surprise to us, as the initiative wasn't able to produce successful projects within the sports NFT space so far, especially the initial Topps MLB drop and all its tech issues comes to mind immediately (see issue 6). Right after they got dropped as the official tech partner. Let's see if NASCAR has more luck.

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