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Issue 39: More money, the UFC strikes, a new marketplace

Issue 39: More money, the UFC strikes, a new marketplace

Here's your review on what happened at the intersection of NFTs and Sports:

  • πŸ’° Autograph raises $170m, Animoca gets $359m
  • πŸ₯Š Dapper Labs launches UFC strike
  • ⚾ Candy Digital's marketplace opens

Let's have a closer look! πŸ‘€

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πŸ’° Autograph raises $170m, Animoca gets $359m

"Autograph, the NFT agency co-founded by famous NFL player Tom Brady, has raised $170 million in its series B funding round. The company revealed that the funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins, with the participation of other notable companies in the field. The funds raised will contribute to the expansion of the company with new, undisclosed partnerships reportedly on the way." The valuation of the round was not disclosed, the last known one is $700m from the Series A round.

This was not the only big funding round. Animoca Brands raised about $359m at a $5b valuation. An excerpt from the press release: "Animoca Brands is working to build the open metaverse by bringing digital property rights to online users through the use of blockchain and NFTs; these technologies enable the true digital ownership of users’ virtual assets and data, and make possible various DeFi and GameFi opportunities (including play-to-earn), asset interoperability, and an open framework that can lead to greater equitability for all participants." While Animoca is mostly active outside of the sports industry, they are also known for MotoGP Ignition and F1 Delta Time.

Source: Autograph

πŸ₯Š Dapper Labs launches UFC strike

They have finally done it! Dapper Labs, the creators of NBA Top Shot, and the UFC have launched the NFT marketplace "UFC Strike". The mechanics are comparable to NBA Top Shot, as users can purchase MMA highlight clips as NFTs. The first round of 100,000 "Fully Loaded" UFC Strike packs sold out quickly on January 23, the second round is scheduled for January 31. Each pack costs $50 and contains three moments. The marketplace for secondary sales will open in the near future.

Source: UFC Strike

⚾ Candy Digital's marketplace opens

Candy Digital, who is majority owned by Fanatics, has opened its NFT marketplace. Their offering is currently focused on official MLB items which they have sold over the course of the last months. On the first weekend the marketplace generated $2.7m in revenue. Scott Lawin, the CEO of Candy Digital, said that "the platform is preparing to introduce β€œeight to 10 different types of NFT products” with MLB over the course of next year, ranging from high-value, limited-edition drops to utility-based moments without much secondary market potential".

Source: Candy Digital, MLB

πŸ€“ Wrapping it up

So what have we learned in this issue?

  • Venture Capital keeps racing into Web3. We said so last week, and we probably can continue to do so throughout the entire year. Investors will pump loads of money into NFT projects in the upcoming months as the FOMO is real. Amongst the investors are some of the world's most exclusive VC firms, all trying to be in the front row.
  • We're witnessing history. The UFC opens their first NFT store, Candy Digital does so as well. It's like back in the days when eCommerce became a thing. Just that we're dealing with digital instead of physical goods now. And many more marketplaces will follow. Let's enjoy the ride and be aware of the special time we are in.

And that's it for this weeks issue! And as always: Feel free to reach out for feedback and to discuss all things NFT and sports! To stay up to date: Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for stats, drop announcements and more.